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What do you do when life is spiraling down but the obvious solution is terrifying, overwhelming and seems hopeless?

Many addicts (and those they effect) don’t believe that change is possible. There is a presumption of failure that is overpowering. For some addicts even success looks dismal.

This site is offered to show you a path.  This path has proved successful.  We hope you will take the time to read Beyond Addiction, watch the Stories of Triumph and brouse around and discover that although change may take effort, it is not only possible; it can be exciting, healing and fulfilling.

Our desire is to:

  •    Inspire hope
  •    Give practical and structured guidance
  •    Share stories of victory
  •    Answer questions about addiction and recovery
  •    Reveal the spiritual aspects of successful transformation.

Many have gone before you to pave the way...

                                              They now invite you to join them.